Easily ROOT, and flash your phone with Shuame one-click flash ROOT tool

Easily ROOT, and flash your phone with Shuame one-click flash ROOT tool


Chinese software company Shuame are developing an English version of their tool to allow international users to easily ROOT and flash their Android phones.

For Android enthusiasts there is nothing more exciting than getting hold of their new Android phone or tablet and hacking it to allow ROOT access and then flashing it to a new custom ROM. Having ROOT access to an Android device gives you the ability to use some great 3rd party applications, and installing a new ROM can breathe life into an old phone.

For the more tech savvy the process is straight forward and poses very little risk, but for new users or those who have never attempted anything like this before it can be daunting challenge.

This is where tools such as Shuame’s One-click Flash Root come in handy. Currently the Shuame software is only available in Chinese and runs on Windows, but a new English version of the system is in the works allowing international phone fans to quickly and easily ROOT their Android devices.

shuame one click tools

As the name suggests the tool turns tricky multi-step hacks into simple one-click installations. Currently the tool allows you to easily flash, upgrade, gain ROOT access, automatically flash into Clockworkmod Recovery, backup, install Google Apps, manage applications and more.

shuame english

Shuame cooperate with a number of Chinese and international phone brands ranging from HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony and Oppo to Zopo, JiaYu, UMi, FAEA and others to bring exciting ROMs from Lewa, MIUI, CyanogenMod and more to your phones and tablets.

shuame english

The English version of the software is being developed as we speak and Shuame are asking for ideas and suggestions from International Android fans. They have set up an official thread on the XDA-developers where you can get involved, and you can also leave your comments below where they will also be seen.

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  • XrainX

    Of course we want an english tool for things like this.
    I don’t know why are they asking. Just translate it and make available for download even in beta translations. At that stage people can really help, because I know chinese are not good in translations. Most of them.
    It will be freeware?

  • Mike


  • Camaman

    Hopefully they don’t just use Google translate on the software, though.
    Most of the forum posters seem to do just that, or their english posts should be lectored first.

  • BrianJackson

    Looks very useful…want it!

  • zapfatte

    use the latest version of framaroot it’s so easy and no need to use a pc

  • Manos

    This framaroot working for MTK phones? Has anyone try it?

    • Chav

      afaik Framaroot works on all MTK phones 6575 and later, no idea about earlier models

    • Thierry

      My god thanks for the tip. I just rooted my newman n1 i had tried to root wit all kinds of methods (motochopper) and this took me one second ! I had backed up my stuff but it didnt even delete a file. Lets see if this works on my xiaocai too 🙂 This is perfect for guys who like me keep failing to install the drivers somehow.

      • Thierry

        This way at least i fixed the gps issue but i just realise it might not help me install a custom rom..

        • Hi Thierry; How did you fixed the GPS issue ? By copying gps.conf file in system ?

          • thierry

            actually i simply used an app callled gps fix i think.. foudn a tutorial on google about it but it was simple. Cannot look it up because afterwards i flashed a Lewa rom on my n1 and now its stuck on Lewa screen. Flashed a miui rom for n1 after that but that rom had problems too and now nothing works lol pfff

  • Spyros

    motochopper unlocks everything from known brands to simple mediatek cpu, it uses a flaw in the android security

    • Simon

      Whats motochopper ?

      • Spyros

        its a simple script that roots your phone works on windows or linux , its not a program that manages the phone , it simple roots it. Google motochopper.zip it was originally made for moto x , but it works for most phones

  • adgufo


  • Simon

    Sounds too good to be true.

  • I tried the Chineese version; it worked fine but it was difficult to find the root button (bugdroid with #).

  • This tool is actually pretty handy. I used to use it with my UMI X1.

  • Trent Folk

    Hello all
    I have a Xiaomi MI2S currently running MIUI 3.9.20 and was just wondering how I would go about removing the pre installed apps. I noticed a shot of the remove pre installed apps feature from the software. I bought the phone in Beijing and really have no use for the Chinese apps.


  • marufai

    i never root before….using samsung note 2…..

    what happen if i root it? will i able to unroot back later?

    • Ace

      Yup… Unroot is possible

  • jasneskis

    I’m kind of new to root and would like to do it on a Note 2 clone. Too much storage space s wasted on pre-installed apps and no storage goes to SD card.
    Let us know when the Shuame Root tool is in English and help walk people like me through it. Is framaroot pretty easy to use? Rooting appears to be extremely important to really use a phone with all its capabilities. Too bad all phones require apps, so much storage space is wasted. It would be nice if you could just go to a web site as on a computer, (saved bookmark) and use a program without requirement of app download, ie… Facebook, You Tube, Crackle, email, twitter, etc.

  • ric.android.001

    Hello all.
    I downloaded this application and:

    * I get an error when execute shuame_EN.exe.

    In order to make it work, combining with many ,dll of shuame official installation, and other hosted on github.

    * Translation to english from xda is not 100% (attached image)


    xda thread:

    Official shuame : http://www.shuame.com

    Fork : https://github.com/jrichardsz/tools-Shuame

  • Petri Hämäläinen

    Does it work with honor 3x

  • Crystalian

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask you about information. I have really chines phone. VIVO MT6592.Do you know if there is any ROOT, that really clears all Chinese applications and I can use everything from google?

  • sazmi

    my phone is in a boot loop just because i rooted it and messed it al up. i can not fix it because i did not made any clockwork recovery. my phone is walton primo nx which is same as the dakele big cola 2……. any suggestion on how can i fix it???

  • Rafail Mpompos