Vivo XPlay 2 rumours could hint at Oppo Find 7 features

Vivo are one of the most innovative phone makers in China and their Xplay is one of the most feature packed devices, the Xplay 2, however will boast more!

The current Vivo Xplay is one of our personal favourite phones here at GizChina. It boasts a thin, narrow design, stunning 5.7-inch 1080 display, powerful Snapdragon 600 CPU and 2GB RAM plus neat control features such as air gesture support.

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The Xplay has been on the market for sometime now, and although it can still hold it’s own against newer devices (Mi3, Mx3, N1 etc) Vivo have decided it is time for an update. Insiders at Vivo say that the Xplay 2 will launch before the end of this year and will support 4G LTE networks, however being a China only device we don’t know which 4G solution they have opted for. Again China Mobile have gone for their own blend of 4G for China which won’t work outside of the country!

Rumours also claim that the Xplay 2 will get a performance boost with a Snapdraagon 800 CPU and at least 2GB RAM. Oppo fans might want to also take note of what Vivo are planning for the Xplay 2 as some features (4G LTE, S800) are the same as what Oppo are planing for the Find 7, and as Vivo are owned by the same parent company they may share similar hardware.

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  1. October 1, 2013

    I really wish Vivo could start some international support for Xplay as it is a shame that it is such a mainland China orientated device and there is no support what so ever if you bought it as a grey import.

    Their forum is Chinese only and I see the Xplay has even had 3G Data issues that had to be fix with an update. Well if you bought a grey import and don’t understand written Chinese, you are damned which sums up the problem. Thats before the bug with the white spaces when using non-Chinese languages that other readers have pointed out.

    It is a shame because the Xplay is really cool and would have fans worldwide if there was serious support for it like what BBK have done with Oppo.

    I do think this article’s rumours are true. I got a feeling the Xplay 2 and F 7 will be sister devices on 800 series. I got a feeling the reason why the N5 did not go with 800 series is either, there is a shortage in the lead time and the bigger global players like Sony, LG, Sammy etc got most of it on order. Or BBK have a surplus of 600 series and need to make some money from it. The partnership with CM will help as the CM ROM will produce a ROM that can up any 600 Series into a base 800 series like performance.