Mediatek MT6592 and MT6588 full specifications leaked ahead of November launch

Mediatek MT6592 and MT6588 full specifications leaked ahead of November launch


No matter how careful a tech company is there is no guarantee that your latest product will remain a secret until launch. This is exactly what Mediatek learned this weekend when full specifications of the MT6592 and MT6588 processors were posted online.

While it is no secrecy that the 8-core MT6592 and quad-core MT6588 would be officially unveiled on 20th November in Shenzhen, complete specifications of each have remained elusive up until this weekend.

Quad-core Mediatek MT6588 specifications

Mediatek have had a stellar year thanks to the quad-core MT6589 range of processors, and although the current quad-core chips remain very good they will no longer remain king of the quad-core hill. The new MT6588 chipset is built-on a 28nm Cortex A7 architecture and available at speeds for up to 1.7Ghz. Faster CPU speed is backed up be an update in graphics performance as the MT6588 gets a Mali450-mp4 GPU running at 600mhz. Other than added support for HEVC and VP9 video codecs the rest of the specs are similar to the current MT6589(T) including support for 1920 x 1080 displays, 13 mega-pixel cameras, and integrated WIFI, Bluetooth,FM radio and GPS.

8-core Mediatek MT6592 full specifications

mtk6592 full specifications

For most phone users a quad-core processor is going to provide ample performance, but for those who want the best of the best Mediatek will also be offering the 8-core MT6592 chipset. Again, the 8-core chip is base on 28nm architecture but will be offered in either 1.7Ghz or 2.0Ghz options. The flagship 8-core chip will also have a speedier 700mhz Mali450-mp4 GPU and the same added video codecs.

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When can we expect 8-core Mediatek phones?

We have already seen the officially unveiling of the Bird Snapdragon XL 8-core phone (although a sales date has not been announced) and we have seen leaks that suggest Zopo, Mlais, Xiaocai, UMi, Jiayu and possible Sony also have MT6592 phones almost ready to launch.

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With development already underway for months and an official announcement on 20th November, we could see the first 8-core Mediatek Chinese phones on sale before the end of the year!

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  • rhum

    I don’t get this multi-core thing. So if i open my calendar app then open my gallery app will each one of those run in their own dedicated core? Is that how its suppossed to work?

    • John

      No, think smaller.
      All processors have the most basic instructions that they can run. Each apps, or programs are written in a computing language, and is then translated to this basic language, called compiling.
      If a processor is multi cored, or more accurately multi threaded, it can run several of these basic instructions at the same time, making the overall program run faster.

      For the end user like us, the actual performance increase of increased numbers of processing threads is too complicated to gauge: various overhead times, task scheduling, ISA, etc. So far, the MediaTek 8-core processor scored pretty good in most benchmarks, so I guess that’s an improvement.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Cores work with load,so if you open calendar and gallery you’ll possibly only use one core,that’s light tasks.When you open modern combat too in high graphics,then another 5 cores come in to help,heavy task. It also depends how an app is written. If the app can’t “see” there are 8 cores it’ll stick to the number it can utilise,which usually is 2(for poorly optimised apps or light ones like gallery).

    • Rhum

      so multi-cores only benefit games? also, what commonly used app in android utilizes more than two cores?

    • John

      Most applications will benefit from the multi-core, to a varying degree. Even developers that did not write multi-thread optimized app-highly unusual, considering Java have a very “good” thread support-, the JVM and the compiler will optimize it anyway, to a certain degree.

  • shanos

    Hmmmm am I the only one disappointed with the lack of LTE? with more countries coming on board for 4g I would have hoped that it would have got support, especially with larger companies like sony starting to use their chips 🙁

    • Konged

      I think so too, it would be a lot more tangible than having 8 cores, still the improved graphics GPU will see it getting a tad better for some demanding gamers on a budget.

      But I heard the 6590 is the LTE one thats coming soon. I also feel in the majority cases more eagerly awaited as I also feel most of us want a budget solid functional 5 inch FHD smarty thats LTE and HSPA+ for every day use than a 8 core thing with better gaming graphics.

    • chavv

      LTE/GSM/WCDMA support is not coming from the CPU/GPU but from the chipset

      LTE chipset was already announced to be available approx when 6592 comes.
      So it will be up to manufacturers to use the proper chipset.

  • Dangi

    MT6588 looks really nice, and finally with some GPU power.

    Mediatek should improve their product naming, is quite confusing.

  • Adrian(Tech)

    If zopo rebuilds the 980 series with MT6588 + 2gb ram + 16gb + 2600mah then that would definately be my next phone. Dont need 32gb on board if it has SD card but rather a larger battery and more ram is a must. I love my C2 platinum and I love the rom development from gizchina!

  • Rob

    A nice 4.5″ phone with a large capacity battery, 720p or Full HD screen, 2 Gb RAM and 16 or 32 Gb storage with a microSd slot, and of course Gorilla Glass.

    • Adrian(Tech)

      Yup…4.5″ would be nice ….dont forget a camera capable of atleast some low light shots…the flashes are too weak…my girlfriend used a blackberry torch 3 while i was trying to take a night pic and her flash made my pic clear….was shocked because with my flash in my c2 platinum its just noisy. 13mp of pure noise

  • kigsuha

    Mt6592 no 4g ?
    And how good is the malimp450 compared to the adreno 330?

  • Marco

    I’m so happy with the power of the new MTK6592 and MTK6588, if possible i’m going to buy the two. You know FINALLY we have a decent GPU Power.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Load will determine if you need more cores. If you only look at low Res Facebook pics the gallery app will make do with a single core,but 1080p 20.1MP pics are a complete different story and could benefit from more cores.

  • nick

    what does pin to pin compatibility mean and with which chip?
    If i am to desolder my mtk6577 chip and solder and mtk 6588 chip is it going to work?
    if so I better start seeing phones with detachable chips rather than soldered so to be upgraded at will!