Video: hands on with the $89.99 No.1 5c iPhone 5C clone

Hands on video and first impressions of the No.1 5C iPhone 5C clone, are all iPhone 5C clones equal or are some better than others?

Like many of you we have looked at the specifications of various iPhone 5C clones and wondered if there is actually any difference from one to the next. After reviewing the GooPhone i5C a few weeks back we had a nice benchmark to compare other clones against.

no.1 5c iphone 5c clone

On paper the No.1 5c should perform a little worse than the GooPhone i5C as it gets just a 1Ghz processor rather than a 1.2Ghz dual-core chip, but in actual fact I found the N0.1 to offer better features and smoother performance!

No.1 5C specifications

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Hands on video with the No.1 5C iPhone 5C clone

No.1 5C photo gallery

No.1 5C impressions

If you read our GooPhoe i5C review then you will already know that we came away from the experience a little perplexed as to why anyone would be the phone. Although the No.1 appears the same and has a similar specification we found that this knock off is a more practical and useable device.

no.1 5c iphone 5c clone

Sure it isn’t very powerful, but it does offer all the looks of the iPhone 5C which many similar features, iOS style Android operating system, faster camera performance than the GooPhone, built-in Siri substitute ETC.

no.1 5c iphone 5c clone

But the best feature of all is that the No.1 5C costs less than $100 and is actually $30 less than the GooPhone i5C at a price of just $89.99. At this price I can see why some people might be tempted!

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Thanks to Android Carts for lending us this sample.

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