Meizu to launch 4G phone with Mediatek processor next year?

Rumour has it that Meizu’s first Mediatek equipped phone could also be the companies first attempt to enter the 4G LTE market.

Meizu’s current phones, the MX2 and MX3 both run processors from Korean phone maker Samsung, but for their LTE phone there is a chance that Meizu might approach Mediatek! Rumours on Chinese tech sites cite recent news that Meizu have been approved to use Mediatek processors in future phones as part of the evidence an LTE Meizu phone is on the horizon and the imminent arrival of 4G across China as reason enough to believe such a phone could go in to production.

Mediatek phones are often regarded as low/mid range devices, and Meizu have always considered themselves a premium level phone maker. So has the rennet launch of Mediatek’s 8-core chipset have them changed their mind, have Meizu had a change of heart, or are these rumours just nonsense?

Regardless of Meizu’s involvement or not, Mediatek will be launch a 4G LTE solution next year. The chipsets will come in both quad and octa-core variants and will support TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and GSM networks.

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