Video: Steve Kondik answers questions about the future of CyanogenMod and OnePlus

At the start of this week we headed to Beijing to attend the OnePlus launch event where CyanogenMod CEO Steve Kondik took to the stage and answered a few questions here is the video from the event.

The OnePlus event on Monday was designed to introduce the OnePlus brand to the Chinese tech world and explain the ideas behind the company. Obviously, one of the key components of is the partnership with 3rd party ROM developer CyanogenMod, so Steve Kondik flew in directly from CES to answer some questions.

Watch the CyanogenMod Q&A with Steve Kondik

The questions which Steve answered were written by Chinese fans and developers at the events, so some of the details are regarding to CM’s expansion in to the Chinese mainland. Still, there are some juicy details in the video hinting at possibly future collaborations with other Chinese tech companies and also the future of UI and the overall look of the CyanogenMod ROM.

We plan to cover all the latest CyanogenMod and OnePlus news as it breaks so keep posted.

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