The first phone to run China’s COS is leaked, features all metal chassis

A few days ago we posted news that China is planning to release it’s own homemade mobile operating system called COS. This leaked photo could be of the first phone to run it!

The Chinese Academy of Science have already announced their plans to take on Android and iOS in the home market with their own mobile operating system named COS (China Operating System). All the details haven’t been made publicly known, but new reports claim the above image could be of the first phone to run COS.

The image appears to come from a slide which will probably be used during the official unveiling and clearly pages the device as having an all-metal chassis. A closer look appears to show an all glass front with navigation buttons on the china and an external speaker in the base.

Chinese companies have been attempting to launch their own rival OS for a while now but this new home-brew could finally be the one to really shake up the market.

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