Are these the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 Specifications?

If Apple are sticking to their usual design cycle of drastically updating the iPhone every 2 years, then the iPhone 6 could be an all new phone from the ground up, but are these the real specifications?

These alleged iPhone 6 specifications were apparently sent out to customers of South Koreas’s KDB Daewoo Securities Research, who claim the new iPhone wiill come in 3 size options including a 4.7-inch, 4.8-inch and larger 5.5-inch model.

The Specifications go on say that those displays will come from Sharp and will be IGZO units with either a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or 2272 x 1280 (for the 5.5-inch model. Memory will be 2GB for all versions of the phone while storage options will range from 16GB to 128GB.

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If the specifications are to be trusted then the iPhone 6 will retain it’s 8 mega-pixel camera and small battery of 1800mAh.

Coming from a Korean report it is hardly surprising that the iPhone 6 is compared to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 which is listed as having a 2.5Ghz Snapragon 805 processor (or 2.0Ghz octa-core Exynos), display sizes of either 5.2 to 5.25-inch, 3GB RAM and a 16 mega-pixel main camera.

We’ll take these specifications with a pinch of salt for now until more concrete details turn up.

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  1. manohar basavaraju
    February 4, 2014

    1800mAh battery for around 5 inch phone & 64 bit processor ? are you kidding apple ?
    First of all you are not so slim, at least give us some decent battery capacity pls to draw our attention to your new products….

    • ipod
      February 4, 2014

      It seems you don’t know what apple is capable of. Apple devices are always weak on paper. But when it comes to usability, user experience. It rules.

      • February 4, 2014

        Got to agree with you. As a package the iPhone is a great phone everything works. But they aren’t amazing phones and the prices are crazy!

      • manohar basavaraju
        February 6, 2014

        OK, Let Apple prove it by releasing new devices with 5 inch & above screen size with 64bit CPU. Not fair to boast about something which they haven’t done it till now.
        I am talking in terms of practicality & technology. It is not that Apple is the most Genius company in the world & the rest are shit. First of all they haven’t gone over 4″ screen size phone & also they haven’t released true quadcore or Octacore phones…. Added to that their enormous bunch of Engineers doing heavy modding to atleast save the name of Apple, making those devices to juice decent battery life.

        Or else it would be a pathetic show by Apple. ok ?
        It is no big deal to get one day of battery with <4 inch screen & dual core CPU + highly customised OS ( courtesy to Unix) …

        Have you used any Android devices ? i doubt so. But i have used Iphone 3, 4& 4S also. Only after that, i shifted to Android… don't take my words lightly thinking that i am talking non sense without having any experience…. ok bro ?

        You got to prove it before talking something like this…
        I am waiting…

        • ipod
          February 9, 2014

          Yes, I did use android. And I used Xperia ray as an upgrade from iPod touch 4g. Appearently it was a downgrade…
          Ray has more power but lags a lot, games suck with low graphics and low fps. Menu was laggy until I unlocked bootloader, rooted, modded and installed custom ROM and overclocked. Android is only usable if you have 4 or more cores with 2 or more GB of ram. Otherwise it will lag.

          • manohar basavaraju
            February 10, 2014

            Where are you bro ? 2 cores Android ? when did you use Android then ?
            It is Octacore Era now…. pls talk about the current situation which is relevant…. Not sometime in the beginning of Android.
            When was Apple founded & when did Android appeared in the market. See the growth bro.

            For the money you pay for Apple it is not at all worth it. Not even a singly feature gives you full freedom & in in way you have advantage over Android i can surely say.

            Android is getting better & better at faster pace with full freedom. What about Apple ? it is still there only with so many restrictions & costs a lot more than Any Android of similar specifications… It is no more the Most Powerful Smartphone in the current Smartphone Market… what do you say ?

            • ipod
              February 15, 2014

              So, according to you, Android is super ultra duper fast. Why it needs octa core to run with no lag? Why? Because it lags when runned on dual core, is unoptimized system. And don’t tell me about the octacore era’s, they drain power faster than you can start the game. 4 cores is enough if they are powerfull enough. Because, bro, it’s not quantity, but quality.
              And I’m not talking about Galaxy Note 3 or LG G2. No. I’m talking about whole Android bullshit, from Nexus one to nexus six…
              At this pace, next year android will probably jump “UP” to 24-core configurations, as you prefer. Well see how the battery will last. And you can forget about single treat performance, because cores will be slow if you take them one by one.

  2. Darren
    February 4, 2014

    If this is true, Apple is going downhill…. samsung is just amazing