Nubia Z7 could be launched March/April with new UI

Rumours of ZTEā€™s flagship Nubia Z7 have finally emerged and just in time to take on the Oppo Find 7.

Reports on Chinese tech sites have shown images of what could be the the new Nubia UI Android system which the Nubia Z7 will be running. From the screen shots we can see the UI has been totally reworked when compared to the current ROM found on Nubia phones with a minialmistic design.

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The Notification Center is where a lot of changes are going to take place and will offer limited control over the media center, messages, toggles and recent apps.

As for the Nubia Z7 itself well it could be launching at around the same time as the Oppo Find 7 and could well have similar hardware including a 2K display, Snapdragon 800 CPU and up to 3GB RAM.

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  1. February 11, 2014

    I’m surprised that it’s 2014 and seasoned manufacturers still don’t realize that customers don’t want a “totally reword” UI. In fact we want stock Android UI, or CM (which is close to stock).

    How come these guys have to screw with the software? All it does it cause additional expense and delays. And it continues to cause delays when updates come out.

    Will The Z7 even be running Android 4.4?

    • Dontbeasheep
      February 11, 2014

      Has it occurred to you that not everyone wants a stock look an not everyone thinks like you? Don’t think you speak for the rest of us, you clearly don’t, that talk sounds very MS/Apple like with a garden wall closed OS.

      • February 11, 2014

        I misspoke. Stock Android (like the Nexus and Google Edition phones), not the Stock Android UI.

        Stock Android IS about user customization, timely updates, and stability. If you want to tweak the UI, go to the Play store and download any of the hundreds of apps that give you these options. But don’t encourage the hardware manufacturers to delay the release of their hardware 3 months while the tweak the skin they’re writing to obscure Android. Often times manufactures are 2 or 3 major OS versions behind Google because they can’t port their software hacks quickly enough, or even worse decided for us the the old version was “good enough”.

        When HARDWARE manufactures customize the software they do it because they want to add value without actually innovating with hardware features. It’s more about plagiarism than innovation, since they make changes to claim they MADE the OS, more than for any other reason. Additionally, they add unremovable junk at the request of carriers, and private software stores, to create additional profit centers for themselves. There are historic reasons why Google allowed this, but these reasons are all obsolete now.

        If they were truly trying to be good guys about this, then they’d offer their modified OSes as an option, let the user have an easy way to switch back to unmodified software, and let the user pick and choose their own customizations from the Google Play store.

        So far, the only manufacturer that’s officially doing this is Oppo. And I applaud them for it. Also Faea deserves honorable mention for their open source support. Samsung, HTC, and Sony have Google Edition versions of their popular phones, but they rigged the game, making sure that you can’t get carrier subsidies if you buy them.

        Yes, not everyone thinks like me. But are you actually championing the right for hardware makers to LOCK their boxes and defend the software they’ve locked into your phone? You paid for, and own the device, but they threaten you with consequences if you try to remove their self serving junkware. This is something that NO consumer should get behind. The only people that would support their view are journalists (trying to stay on the good side of the manufacturers) or the manufactures themselves, perhaps you belong to one of those groups?

        • Tiah Oon Tjoe
          February 12, 2014

          but you have that option…if you don’t like what the company is doing…don’t buy it. If the majority of consumers think like you, then the company’s phone won’t sell and eventually they will learn their lesson. But if you already know that it’s not stock android, you have the option to go for a nexus device. Until they force you to buy their phone, they have every right to put 3rd party software on it. I prefer stock android as well, but i know plenty of people that prefer a customized UI that offers a different feel and look.

  2. Simon
    February 12, 2014

    What screen size will it be ?