JiaYu announce octacore JiaYu G4 specs and pricing

jiayu g4 octacore

If you thought the Xiaomi Redmi Note was a good buy then just take a look at the pricing of the octacore JiaYu G4!

JiaYu told us their plans for an octacore JiaYu G4 back in November of last year and here it finally is. JiaYu haven’t changed the the G4 much from the original quad core model, the 2 new octacore models retains the same 720p displays, 3000mAh battery, and 13 mega-pixel rear camera and will come with either 1GB RAM 4GB memory, or 2GB RAM and 16GB memory.

Prices have been greatly reduced from last year’s G4 the octacore JiaYu G4 with 1GB RAM will go on sale for only 699 Yuan while the 2GB model costs only 899 Yuan. The timing of the JiaYu G4 octacore announcement means JiaYu are obviously hoping to ride Xiaomi’s Redmi Note wave.

Would you prefer the octacore JiaYu G4 or would you go for the lager and more expensive Xiaomi Redmi Note?

[ JiaYu ]
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