OnePlus Smash the Past Video: is this why we will need tools?

smash the past video

Even hours before their launch, OnePlus are still building hype by releasing the following “Smash the Past” video. Anyone who doesn’t like violence towards iPhones should look away.

For the past few days fans of OnePlus have been trying to figure out how they can be among the first 100 to get their hands on the OnePlus One flagship. Yesterday, more hints toward what OnePlus could be asking fans to do the first being a images saying you would need “tools” and the second the below video:

If you decided not to watch the carnage then you missed an iPhone being throughly smashed in to the ground, hit with a baseball bat, belted with a hammer and finally cut in two! The OnePlus forums are already lighting up after the video posted with fans discussing what it is that OnePlus are asking them to do. Could they really be asking fans to smash their current phones?

The video mentions the 25th April, but we will see if there are more details at the launch today.

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