This is not a Xiaomi Mi4 leak

xiaomi mi4 leak

Chinese tech sites were buzzing this morning with images of what they claimed were the first photos of the Xiaomi Mi4, but were are not so sure.

VRzone China were the first to publish images of what Weibo users are saying are the first images of the Xiaomi Mi4, but it doesn’t take a Mifan too long to realise that the images are more likely bogus.

From the front and rear the “leaks” look a whole lot like the Oppo Find 7 with poorly photo shopped Mi logos on. As Xiaomi still haven’t succumbed to the Chinese god of cloning we will assume that the images are fake.

If you were to subscribe to the authenticity of the photos then the specs for the phone are said to include a 5-inch retina display, ‘super’ quad-core CPU and a 16 mega-pixel main camera.

What do you guys think of this Xiaomi Mi4 leak?

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