15,000 Xiaomi Mi 3 units up for sale in India today; More than 100,000 registrations done

The near-coveted Xiaomi Mi 3 is all set to go on sale in the Indian market for the 3rd time since its official entry into India last month. The device had previously been on sale on July 22nd and 29th, selling out in quick time on both days.

Xiaomi hadn’t revealed the number of devices it’d be selling both times, which turned out to be a reason to leave scores of hopefuls irked. However, the company seems to be learning how to deal with the Indian market pretty fast, and has announced the number of devices that’ll be made available in today’s sale.

Another number that Xiaomi wasn’t shy of revealing was the registrations; the Chinese maker claims to have gotten more than 100,000 registrations for the Xiaomi Mi 3. If you aren’t aware yet, to be able to purchase the Xiaomi Mi 3 on Flipkart, buyers first have to ‘register’ in advance. This isn’t a commonplace for the Indian audience by any means, but the sheer VFM that the Mi 3 brings on board seems to have shifted buyers’ minds from that.

mi 3 Flipkart

‘Buying Guide’ for the Xiaomi Mi 3 that goes on sale today at 2pm in India 

So here we ask: 15,000 units for more than 100,000 registrations, is it enough? The last sale ended in a ridiculous 5 seconds, which although might have bought Xiaomi some crucial media footage, also left the scores of hopefuls high and dry.

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25,000 units at least is what we think what Xiaomi should have kept in their inventory for the sale.

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