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Kernel sources for two yesteryear Xiaomi flagships in the Mi 3 and Mi 4 have been made public, finally!

It appears as though Xiaomi’s had enough of the unofficial reseller drama, and is now starting to take legal action against the same.

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You can now have a predefined schedule to turn your Xiaomi phone on and off, but only if you’re on the latest weekly ROM.

Are you a resident of India, and missed out buying a Xiaomi Mi 3? If yes, ZTE have you covered with the new Grand S II!

Xiaomi’s MIUI ROM is a bag of tricks; the latest being the ability to use either your Mi 3 or Mi 4 in one-handed operation mode!

Xiaomi’s Mi 3 and Redmi 1S went on sale in India yet again, but in a completely different set of circumstances.

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A lot of Xiaomi Mi 3 hopefuls in India have been left wanting due to insufficient stocks of the uber popular device. However, Xiaomi has come up with a (noble?) way to try and keep all satisfied.

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Xiaomi’s coveted Mi 3 smartphone is set to be made available for purchase in India yet again, this festive season!

After snatching sleep from the eyes of many a prospective buyer of the Mi 3, Xiaomi is now suspending sales of the device in India for an indefinite period.

Xiaomi’s power banks have turned out to be a huge success in India. Will they be able to recreate the massive success they saw with the Mi 3?

Xiaomi’s chartbusting Mi 3 is all set to go on another flash sale in India today, at 2PM IST!

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This Indian startup built a Chrome extension that it claims automates the process of claiming a Xiaomi Mi 3 from Flipkart!

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Xiaomi have responded to the privacy concerns that rose sometime back with a firmware update that makes cloud messaging optional.

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Xiaomi is making sure what happened on August 5 in India doesn’t repeat itself by upping the number of Mi 3 units that would be on sale in the following rounds.

The near-coveted Xiaomi Mi 3 is all set to go on sale in the Indian market for the 3rd time since its official entry into India last month. The device had previously been on sale on July 22nd and 29th, selling out in quick time on both days.

Xiaomi have finally chosen to be a bit more transparent about their flash sales, and have announced that a total of 15,000 Mi 3 units will be up for purchase in the next round in India.

After a successful run with the Mi 3 smartphone, Xiaomi is now expanding its range of offerings in the Indian market via their hard-to-get-hold-of range of accessories.