After receiving flak for the 2 sec long Aug 5 India sale, Xiaomi bump up the numbers for their next

Xiaomi mi3 64GB

Xiaomi has loved the media attention it’s deservingly had after many of its flash sales, but matters went out of hand during the last two it had in India. The latest one, yesterday, lasted a mere 2 seconds, while the one before that did for a bit more, lasting 5 seconds. Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra even apologized to Indian fans after that, something that goes to show that things aren’t going as per plan in the Xiaomi India camp.

To Xiaomi’s credit, the company did well to announce the number of Mi 3 units that would be up for the August 5 sale, something it failed to do for the first two rounds. However, as it turned out, even the 15,000 units couldn’t prove sufficient enough for the Indian market which has responded to Xiaomi’s Mi 3 availability better than the company expected.

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Mi 3 12th aug

To try and cover up, it appears as though Xiaomi is slowly upping the number devices that are put up for sale. From the 15,000 units yesterday, Xiaomi has taken it up to 20,000 units for the next sale which is scheduled for the 12th of August, which will mark the 4th Xiaomi Mi 3 sale in a gap of 4 weeks.

Although the Chinese phone maker has been at the receiving end of some heavy criticism, I personally think the flash sale model has a major part to play in keeping costs low. Of course, it gets the company some extensive media footage as well, but well, what company wouldn’t want that?

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  1. rajnish kumar
    August 7, 2014

    Now that Xiaomi has learned a bit about indian market – word of mouth spreads like wid fire. May be the lovers of redme1s will be benefitted as Xiaomi may would launch that beast jr. in big numbers as compared to MI3. what say @yash

  2. Ajit Shah
    August 7, 2014

    I still feel with the registrations increasing everytime, they should offer atleast half of the total number of registrations. Its just stupid that they dont sell when demand is so high.

  3. fedor
    August 7, 2014

    They should sell 50000 units, not 20000

  4. Eric
    August 7, 2014

    Xiao mi will get bad press if next sale is under stocked again

  5. tarun
    August 7, 2014

    Any update on when they will launch xiaomi ear buds and power bank?