Oppo N3 launch confirmed plus purported leaked images

oppo n3

The successor to the Oppo N1, the Oppo N3 is official and is coming in October! Launch details plus purported leaked images.

Last year Oppo released the Oppo N1, a camera centric smartphone with some interesting features including a rotating camera, rear touch panel and bluetooth remote. The phone managed to even spawn a Oppo N1 Mini version with smaller display, now now a successor is planned.

Teasers indicate that the next camera phone from Oppo will be the Oppo N3, and judging by the image we can expect the phone to launch in Singapore in October.

Confirmed details of the Oppo N3 aren’t available but if the leaked render shown above is the real deal we can hopefully see a more compact device than the previous model, with dual LED flash. We also hope to see a better optimised camera, LTE, and more powerful processor present in this version of the phone.

oppo n3 launch

We will keep our ear to the ground and post more details of the Oppo N3 as we get them.

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