Meizu MX4 seen running Ubuntu Touch! Could other Mediatek phones follow?

ubuntu touch mx4

Meizu have been showing Ubuntu Touch of on their phones since earlier this year, now the Meizu MX4 has shown up running the system.

At the start of this year, Meizu and Canonical, began showing off the Meizu MX3 running Ubuntu Touch as an alternate OS for the Chinese smartphone. We saw Ubuntu at MWC and CES, but still there hasn’t been an official timetable on when fans of the phone can download and use if for themselves.

Time has trickled along so quickly that Meizu’s MX4 has launched requiring Canonical to begin developing Ubuntu for the Mediatek powered Meizu MX4, and here it is!

This first photo shows the Meizu MX4 running Ubuntu on the Mediatek powered phone, with an apparent launch date of around December.

We highly doubt that Ubuntu for the new Meizu will be ready so soon after launch, but the fact that Canonical have got Ubuntu Touch on the Mediatek MT6595 chipset, could open the doors to other smartphone makers across China to do something similar.

What do you think of the possibility of Ubuntu touch on Mediatek Chinese smartphones?

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