This Chinese Range Rover Evoque can be yours from $18,000

If you have lived in China, or even been there for a short visit you may have come across a few familiar looking cars on the road, well familiar at first glance at least.

While I’ll be the first to say that Chinese cars (as a whole) are going from strength to strength in terms of design, technology and safety, there are still a few car makers who like to think they are in the wild west still and anything goes.

Yep, I’m talking about those few car makers who take huge dollops of inspiration from other brands and simply copy designs.

Take for example this Range Rover Evoique, expect it isn’t an Evoque at all but instead the Gonow GX6 SUV from Chinese car maker Gonow.

Gonow generally specialise in small vans, pick up trucks, but bas also been exploring the consumer market with their range of SUV’s and MPV’s. The Gonow GX6 SUV is powered by a DOHC 136hp 2.4L engine with 5 speed manual transmission across the range.

Gonow GX6 SUV Gallery

Basic models are front wheel drive only while the top of the range models get four wheel drive, although we doubt it’s off road capabilities are on par with a genuine Range Rover.

Chances of you seeing a Gonow cruising down your street are slim, but the company does have an international website and is already shipping it’s mini vans around the world as CKD kits.

[ Gonow ]
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