Confirmed: Indian OnePlus One won’t get Cyanogen updates!

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Finally Cyanogen have come clean after their ambiguous statement last week, and have confirmed that OnePlus phones bought in India will not be getting CM updates.

After the tech community blasted Cyanogen for signing an exclusive deal with Micromax which would prevent the OPO getting updates in the country, Cyanogen went public with a friendly note to tell fans that there was a lot of “misinformation” and Indian users will get updates.

Even at the time of their post, many fans, and ourselves, found the wording of the news a little strange. It read that global OnePlus One phones would receive updates in India, but they cleverly skipped if local Indian phones would get the update.

After a few more tense days Cyanogen have finally gotten their act together and come clean. OnePlus One phones meant for India and bought through official channels will not get OTA updates, but phones imported in to the country through other channels will.

It’s all very ridiculous and made more so due to the fact that OnePlus didn’t know what was happening, and Cyanogen tried to hide the issue with a poorly executed letter to followers.

So that’s the final word, and India OnePlus customers will have to wait for around Feb 2015 for the Lollipop based OPO ROM to roll out.

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