Exclusive: THL 2015 full specifications, photos and pricing

Exclusive: THL 2015 full specifications, photos and pricing

thl 2015

It has been a very long while since we last saw a new phone from Chinese phone maker THL, but finally the wait is over and their new 64bit flagship has arrived. Keep reading for full details of the THL 2015.

THL all but disappeared in the last half of 2014 and we were all starting to wonder if the popular Chinese phone maker might have gone the way of the Dodo. Thankfully they haven’t, and they are back in the limelight with a new flagship phone running the remarkable 64bit MT6752 processor.

thl 2015

The device, named the THL 2015, was teased some weeks back, with news that the phone would be officially unveiled at MWC next month. Those plans seem to have changed somewhat though as the following official photos of the THL 2015 were sent to us early along with full specifications and pricing.

thl 2015

An interesting specification highlight to the THL 2015 is the fact that it has a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display. Rival phones from JiaYu, Elephone and Meizu have all gone for 5.5-inch leaving the smaller phone segment without a high-end device until now.

thl 2015

Pushing the pixels around the 5-inch display is a 1.7Ghz octacore MT6752 64bit processor, with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. Above the display is an 8 mega-pixel front camera while a 13 mega-pixel sensor lives on the rear above a fingerprint scanner.

The dual sims both support 4G LTE with the official specifications listing the supported networks as GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 900/2100MHz, FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B20. There is also space for a Micro SD card, 2700mAh battery and Android 4.4.4 Kitkat running as standard.

thl 2015

Although we are happy to see THL back with a new phone there are a few details which don’t sit quite right with us. First of all the phone has a 5-inch display which should make it more compact, but the images show a rather thick, bulky bezel.

The processor is listed as the MT6752L, which means it’s not the same as the standard processor, this is either good or bad news (some variants of Mediatek processors run downgraded GPU’s), but so far I haven’t found any details about this version of the chipset.

THL 2015 Gallery

Finally the price is a bit of a disappointment. With the JiaYu S3 on sale already for $180 with slightly higher specifications, it is a shame to see THL ask for $239.99 for their phone, thankfully Coolicool are offering a $10 discount if you use the coupon code: CICTHL.

Still the proof is in the testing, so we have arranged to review the THL 2015 and let you know all about it in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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  • Darevintage

    Jokers…like trying to resurrect from the dead and end up in a coma. Why would anyone buy this?

  • Royd

    What about larger phones? It all 5,5 inch nowadays. I am looking fro at least 6 inch.

  • Yeti hand

    NO way!! I’m sorry THL you can go back to sleep if you can’t bring anything better

    • Brown Alma

      I think the battery is a point to selll it ,it is 2700amh .

  • Forsure

    It’s ugly, isn’t it!?

    • Brown Alma

      I think this phone is very cool .

    • balcobomber25

      Yea the back is one of the most hideous rear covers I have ever seen.

  • Steve B

    That phone and spec are quite a bit different to the THL 2015 shown on the THL mobile store? 5.5″ screen and 16mp cam for a start.

    • Yeti hand

      Yeah you’re right the phone on the thl store is actually very interesting unlike the thing shown here

    • mersault

      and 3200 mah battery…as stated on THLmobilestore, Vifocal, 1949deal,…

      • Zoealandy

        cuz they are not official Thl store, that’s why show mistake info, Anyway, I just believe in what Andi said

    • balcobomber25

      That picture looks almost identical to the T6. THL Mobile store is like Xiaomiworld it’s not an official store of the company.

  • Big O


  • Rob

    I thought I was back in 2012 with those bezels!!

  • ro.edi

    thl will not supply ota updates !
    thl NEVER did ota updates for international & mainland models !
    thl are a bunch of liars expect those words from them
    “coming soon, in a few days, when we have from the factory we will update, and so on”

    Remeber thl won’t update their co-pro-duck !
    The quality of their co-pro-ducks are amoung the worse ever !

    ps. i know what i am saying as i was the first one to update the ThL W100 with the JellyBean v4.2.2 !
    Also my JB 4.2.2 was the first ever rom based on JB 4.2.2 released for an ThL device !
    thl didn’t had back then JB 4.2.2, all thl devices run on maximum JB 4.2.1 !

    check here:

    • Raul

      I had a THL T6 Pro not so long ago and I seem to recall an ota update for it

    • Airyl

      I used the ThL W11 a while back and I remember it getting a couple of OTA updates.

    • balcobomber25

      I have had two THL models and both received multiple updates. Which model did you buy?

    • David

      You are right!
      I have a W8S and it’s running 4.2.1 and although the chipset support BT4 I can’t use my BT4 devices as only Kitkat supports it, and thl won’t supply and update.
      For me it is a very good reason NOT to buy a thl phone again.

    • mstamate

      O invitatie pt blog se poate?! 🙂 Thx.

    • mstamate

      O invitatie pt blog se poate?! 🙂 Thx.

    • What’s the big deal with updates? By the time an update comes out, the phone tech has changed and you need to buy a new phone anyway! Same with computers. Used to be the big thing was “up-gradable,” but by the time something new came out, the computer framework was obsolete and could not be updated. Now the cost on the other hand? WAY too much, maybe DOUBLE what it should be for a Chinese knockoff!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    nothing worthy to look at… really. maybe except the variant of a processor!
    other than that , i expect better and cheaper phones will beat this device’s tushy real hard and trump it for sure. probably this’ll be available for less than 160$ come q3 2015.

  • thl ? [ th -hell ] never again for me !

  • Carlos

    again no 850mhz 3G? geez -_-

  • Akimitsui

    The only nice thing is the box… the rest is ugly.

  • Raul

    The design is super ugly, even it it will be the cheapest 6752 phone, I will not consider buying it.

  • Bojan Radovanović

    first, this is NOT “high end device”(if it is M1 mini is also, but then what woud you call mx4 from meizu), then it’s ugly.
    but then…it’s very nice phone for that money…if it have good enough battery, witch you did not mention

    • desponent

      2700. Read harder.

  • Mike

    Whenever a new device pops up I always wonder about the network frequencies specified, specially on WCDMA/3G. Why arent new devices quad-band? Would this mean a different chip, higher costs….or is it just regional pricing/marketing related? I would consider THL 2015 or 5000T….but I need 3G frequency 850Mhz….thats what we have in LATAM..

  • zhel

    Any idea when mt6795 phones are comingnout?

  • Roger

    It’s such shame that the majority of these 64bit phones do not support WCDMA 850Mhz. This means I can’t use them.

  • Airyl

    The design isn’t horrible. It’s just disgusting compared to all the other MTK6752 phones.

  • TheCatCharli

    ugly and expensive as fck.

  • Marko

    Dimensions ?

  • balcobomber25

    THL used to be my favorite company but the last phone they made that I can truly say I loved was the Monkey King 2. Since then it has just been downhill with each new release. On paper this isn’t a bad phone, save for that battery, but for the price there are better options available including many of last years flagships that can be bought for under $250.

  • superivanho

    haha the logo is copied from a PC game company no wonder it looks so familiar.