Huawei Watch could cost much less that initial rumours suggested

huawei watch

A few days ago there were rumours that Huawei’s stylish Android Wear watch could cost as much as $1000, hopefully these new details of a lower price are closer to the mark.

At MWC we had some hands on time with the Huawei Watch and although it is a good looker, and smooth operating wearable, the fact that even Huawei reps themselves claimed the price would be high had us worry. A few days later their were rumours of a $1000 price tag which would be really quite unacceptable, but they seem to have been off the mark now new information has arisen.

According to online resellers in Europe, the Huawei Watch will be available from between 350-400 Euros, much more affordable than $1000, but still way above the price of similar Android Wear devices from Motorola, LG and Asus.

The prices are still unconfirmed from Huawei’s end, so there is still a chance that these prices are merely place holders, as even at this lower retail price it will be hard for Huawei to find willing customers.

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