Mlais M4 Note Specifications Released

mlais m4 note

Mlais have posted the full specifications for their new M4 Note model today, does this latest phone live up to the excellent M52’s standard?

Mlais raised the bar for $150 smartphones this year with the release of their Mlais M52 Red Note model. On paper the M52 is a stunning phone and in the hand it continues to impress (review on the way). So with expectations high how does their newly announced M4 Note compare?

Like the M52 we are looking at another 5.5-inch HD phone with 64bit processor and LTE support. The M4 Note however has a quad-core MT6732 chipset rather than the octacore MT6752 which the M52 boasts, still this is a good chip especially when it has 2GB RAM to play around with.

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Other features include fast charging of the 2400mAh battery, rear facing 13 mega-pixel camera, 8 mega-pixel front, Micro SD memory expansion and dual SIM support. As for construction, Mlais have gone a little more up market with the M4 Note which boasts a metal chassis which can be seen around the edge of the phone.

Pricing for the Mlais M4 Note is strangely more than the M52, apparently this is down to the metal chassis of the phone which brings the cost up to just under $170. We know where we would place our money between the M52 and M4 Note, but which would you choose?

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  1. Riccardo Benzoni
    March 30, 2015

    more expansive than m52? if it’s only for the metal chase, they can keep it.. If multimedially (better cameras, dual flash) it’s more advanced, then it may have sense. But I’d still go with m52, if they released a “m52 quadcore” with an even lower price tag, they would have killed the market of 64 bit mediatek phones right away!

    • Ricardo Natt-eCommerce Bogarín
      March 31, 2015

      true dat

  2. George
    March 30, 2015

    Oh why,oh why waist the metal frame with crapy guts?

    • Muhammad Yasir
      March 30, 2015

      soo right!
      should have gone by POLYCARBONATE body BUT better specs than m52 for 180-185$ ?
      like 3gb ram , 16 mp (TRUE 16 MP i mean) , FHD … agree @disqus_Ey3pzBvAwu:disqus ?

      • George
        March 30, 2015

        Going down with specs is a disaster move imo.
        Just pump it good and take my 200,im so out right now.

        • Muhammad Yasir
          March 30, 2015

          exactly. if they had followed MY suggested specs … ppl would be going APESHIT crazy to get one o’ their gizmos !
          i mean 3gb ram and FHD all under 200 !

          • lutkunf
            March 30, 2015

            I agree with you! Plus, we need 6752 processor minimum with world modem support!

          • Yeti hand
            March 31, 2015

            mt6752, 3gb ram, 64gb rom, 5’7 HD screen, lollipop out the box for 250 dollars and my money is yours.

            • Muhammad Yasir
              April 1, 2015

              5.7 FHD MIGHT be a bit of a letdown… for certain audiences..
              they should keep it flexible in THREE sizes , with varying prices…
              $180 4.7 , 200 5.0 , 250 5.5/5.7?

            • Yeti hand
              April 2, 2015

              5’7 hd is fine for me it means a better batterie life, I’m not in the pixel chasing squad

            • Muhammad Yasir
              April 2, 2015

              lel. u make some of the BEST comment here 😀

    • Xalis
      March 30, 2015

      Crappy guts? I phone with similar performance than a Galaxy S4 is anything but crappy.

      The price is high, but still.

  3. jimberkas
    March 30, 2015

    looks beautiful. too bad about the battery. this phone would be plenty powerful. any idea if it would work in the US?

    • irebel
      March 31, 2015

      2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

      WCDMA: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz

      4G:FDD-LTE: B1/3/7/20 (800/1800/2100/2600) (Standard)

    • zurich
      April 1, 2015

      The battery of Mlais M4 Note is a little lower than M52, because of design frame inside of M4.

  4. Mik
    March 31, 2015

    how does the m52 compare to the jiayu s3 or ecoo e04? Do they use quality components or are they similar to Elephone?

  5. vijay sud
    April 3, 2015

    Battery…for a 5.5 inch display..min 3000 mah.must be mandated.