Mlais posts teaser for new device, or is it devices?

Mlais (it’s pronounced em-lays) have recently been on warpath, releasing the M52, announcing the M4 Note and preparing a Lollipop update for the already mentioned M52, and they don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon as they’ve already posted a teaser for what could be a trio of devices that they plan to release later in April.

The teaser picture itself tells us very little. The huge number 3 could mean anything from 3GB of RAM, to 3 SIM card slots or even 3 different models of the phone, while the bottom part confirms that the device is coming later this month. Mlais also posted “The Mlais and M7 and …….?,” which leads us to believe that Mlais is planning to release three versions of a phone called the M7.

These three versions could be different in terms of screen size and specifications (M7, M7 Max, M7 Lite), or all 3 of them could be different phones released at the same time. Some commentators believe that “3” refers to the Dakele 3 which recently went on sale and that the phone will have a sapphire glass display, though I honestly find that a bit too far-fetched.

What do you think the 3 means? Could it really just mean 3GB of RAM? Or does it mean 3 different phones?

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