Meizu announced limited edition Beyerdynamic MX4 Pro

meizu beyerdynamic

As scheduled, Meicu have made an announcement today about a new set of headphones made in partnership with German audio specialists Beyerdynamic.

With Meizu’s MX4 Pro touting HIFI audio and dedicated audio processors, the company were in dire need of a professional set of headphones that audiophiles could use to squeeze out every bit of audio performance. Meizu’s own EP21 earphones simply won’t cut it, so the Zhuhai team have worked with German audio specialists Beyerdynamic to solve the issue.

Rather than just selling the Beyerdynamic headphones as an accessory, Meizu have created a limited edition Meizu MX4 Pro which will ship with the gold headphones with Beyerdynamic branding. The bundle comes in as the most expensive Meizu product to date at 3699 Yuan in China.

No word on if the headphones will be released separately at this time, but anyone in China can order the bundle right now through the Meizu store.

[ Meizu ]
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