Sony reporting huge shortage of IMX214 camera units

sony imx 214

The current trend by Chinese phone makers to use the Sony IMX214 in their newest phones is putting huge pressure on Sony who are reporting demand is outstripping supply.

Last year the IMX214 was the camera sensor to have on any flagship Android phone. The sensor boasts 13 mega-pixel imaging and the ability to shoot 4K video. The sensor found its’ way in to the OPO, Oppo Find 7 and many other flagship devices last year.

The IMX214 is still an excellent sensor, but as it is last gen tech the price has dropped meaning Chinese phone makers are able to spec the unit on their low-cost flagships for 2015. Elephone, Ulefone, to name just a few, are all using the sensor on their new devices, but demand is so high Sony are reporting shortages.

The issue is so serious that Sony have taken to their official Weibo account in China to explain the situation. Apparently Sony say that only %50 of current orders of the IMX214 will be able to be filled!

So what does that mean for us? Well it means that a lot of the phones we have seen with IMX214 in the specs are either going to have to be delayed or the manufacturer is going to have to choose a suitable replacement for the sensor. It will also means that rivals such as Omnivision might use the issue to court manufacturers and tempt them to use their Chinese made sensors.

Which camera would you like to see make its way on to phones due to the IMX214 shortage?

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