Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is currently fastest Snapdragon 810 phone!

The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro has just went to sale in China, and reports confirm the phone as the fastest Snapdragon 810 device currently on the  market, getting the top score in nearly all benchmarks.

Just a few weeks ago the Mi Note Pro, the most expensive Xiaomi device to date, became available in China.

Consumers who waited for the launch of Pro device get to enjoy higher specifications than those on the standard model incluing a 5.7-inch JDI screen with the QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution,  4GB Ram, and finally the now infamous Snapdragon 810. 

Those who have tried the phone have ran popular benchmarking software on the phone revealing the device is currently the highest scoring Snapdragon 810 availablle on the marekt today!

As you can see in the results above, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro left some big name phones in the dust. The HTC M9 and even the mighty LG G4 weren’t able to beat the Chinese power house, and even the Samsung Galaxy S6 faultered in some tests.

For people people who are not used to these benchmarks tests, the Geekbench tries to measure the main processor overall power, Basemark OS looks for the system performance, and both 3DMark and GFXBench are gaming benchmarks.

The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro can be found for $659 in some authorized stores, the price of the phone, which can be considered high, still can show its advantages in relation to competition offering worse or the same settings for almost the same price.


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