Windows 10 for Mi4 will be available from 1st June!

Windows 10

Early June is going to see news from 3 big names in Chinese tech. Xiaomi’s contribution is the release of Windows 10 for the Xiaomi Mi4!

Early on this year we were surprised with many pictures and even videos showing Xiaomi’s Mi4 running the new Windows 10 OS from Microsoft. Since then few details have been released but the shear possibility of the Mi4 running a new OS is a pretty juicy piece of news.

For those of you waiting to get your hands on Windows 10 for the Mi4 then good news is coming. Xiaomi have just created a sub forum for Microsoft OS on their Chinese forums and according to them a first release of the Windows 10 will be available to be installed from 1st June.

We still can’t say for sure if the system will be available to all Xiaomi Mi4 owners or will be for only a select group of community, ie in a closed preview group. Still no word if the international MIUI forums will also offer the option to download the preview OS at the start of June either.

The plans of Xiaomi with Microsoft remains uncertain, but it is easy to assume that both companies win something with their working together. Microsoft can meet a considerable growth of their OS for mobile handsets in China. While Xiaomi also has much to gain from the partnership, and of course to innovate again with the option of offering more than one OS for their devices.

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