Oukitel tell fans there will be no #bendgate issues with the Ouktiel U9

OUKITEL U9 Kindo Thranduil

After it came to light that a certain new flagship bends quite easily, other manufacturers have been quick to point out the same does not affect their devices.

Oukitel are a new name for 2015 and as such they are trying to make the best impression possible to customers who may not yet know them.

Their newest device will be the Oukitel U9 (Kindo Thranduil), a rather good-looking Android phone which will feature a dual glass 2.5D design with rounded alloy chassis, similar in design to the latest Vivo phones (but at a much affordable price).

To ensure that their phone won’t bend in your pocket, Oukitel have told us that the alloy chassis of the U9 is manufactured using a Nano Molding Technology (NMT). From what we understand of this, NMT is a process that injects resin in to the cavities of an aerospace alloy frame to make a stronger, tougher and lighter structure.

OUKITEL U9 Kindo Thranduil

The NMT process also creates a smoother finish, and is apparently better for the environment too.

It certainly is very impressive to see Chinese phone makers focus more on design and build rather than just all out specifications this year, and we have to say it is equally impressive that a new phone maker is taking its impact on the environment seriously.

OUKITEL U9 Kindo Thranduil

The Oukitel U9 is expected to launch later this month with a 5.5-inch FHD display, 3GB RAM and octacore Mediatek processor.

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