Ulefone Power will enjoy a battery nearly 90% the size of the phone

ulefone power

It’s a battery war and Ulefone are getting involved by bringing out the big guns. The rumoured Ulefone Power with huge battery power.

It has got to the point that you cannot look at the news now without seeing at least one story relating to a large battery phone. So far this year we have had Mlais, Bluboo, UMi, Oukitel and Gionee all enter the market with large battery devices, and now Ulfeone is wading in.

It’s still early days for details of the phone, but according to sources at Ulefone’s design studio, the company are working on a device named the Ulefone Power that will feature a battery that occupies around 90% of the phones internal space. In comparison the Be Touch 2’s 3050mah battery takes up around %50 of the room.

To get such a large battery in a phone we believe that Ulefone will have had to move many of the components to the top and bottom portions of the device, this in turn could mean a wider phone. We guesstimate that a 6-inch phone might be possible if they plan to keep the phone thin, or else a thicker 5.5-inch device.

Internally we expected Mediatek to take up position as the SoC supplier and hope that some form of fast charging will also be a part of the package.

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