Meizu send invites for Meizu M2 launch with Nokia 1110 in the box

meizu nokia launch

Meizu have sent out invitations to the launch of the Meizu m2 containing the classic Nokia 1110 in the box.

Meizu’s marketing can be hard to understand at the best of times, so it comes as very little surprise that a Nokia 1110 has been sent to media in China as an invitation to their next phone launch.

What Meizu are trying to say with the invite isn’t clear but we do have a few theories. The Nokia 1110 was known as a cheap and reliable phone, features the budget M2 should have with a rumoured price tag of 599 Yuan.

There is also the long running rumour that Meizu and Nokia will be teaming up in some capacity for a phone launch. The m2 might be the first Meizu phone to ship with Nokia apps for example?

Whatever they are trying to say there is one thing for sure, that old Nokia is likely going to out live whatever Meizu do end up launching on July 29th.

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