Launched: Meizu Pro 5 with Exynos 7420, 4GB RAM

Launched: Meizu Pro 5 with Exynos 7420, 4GB RAM


Meizu’s been fairly busy launching new phones this year, but today’s launch of the Meizu Pro 5 will be the company’s biggest and most important for this year.

The impressive MX5 was launched only a couple or so months back, but the need for a higher-end smartphone lineup has lead Meizu to give birth to the ‘Pro’ line. The Pro 5 is the first from this series.



From a distance, the Meizu Pro 5 will look pretty much the same as the MX5. It’s only when you get closer up that the differences will start showing. For one, the Pro 5 has 2.5D curved glass (which is a first for Meizu) over its 5.7-inch 1920 x 1080p Super AMOLED screen.


Like the MX5, the Pro 5 features a single button below the screen which acts as the back and home button, as well as a fingerprint scanner. The difference however is that Meizu have made the fingerprint scanner even faster on the Pro 5 (the MX5 has a really nice scanner already).


Beneath the cosmetics, you’ll find a Samsung-made Exynos 7420 octa processor ticking along with either 3GB (and 32GB storage) or 4GB (and 64GB of storage) of LPDDR4 RAM. Meizu are keeping up with the trends, and will ship the Pro 5 with a USB Type-C connector on the chin of the phone. You might be happy to know that the Pro 5 will support microSD expansion.


Another improvement over the MX5 is the camera. The MX5 ships with a Sony IMX220 sensor, while the Pro 5 gets the slightly higher-end IMX230 from the same company. Meizu claim you can take a photograph in a mere 0.7 seconds thanks to the tech they’re using. On the front, the Meizu Pro 5 will have an OmniVision OV5670 5 mega-pixel sensor.


The Pro 5 will continue to feature Meizu’s mCharge fast charging technology, which on the 3050mAh battery of the Pro 5 will charge it from 0-65% in 30 minutes.

In a bid to keep up with its tradition of high-end audio, the Pro 5 features the ES9018 and OPA1612 audio chips. This time, they’re also giving it a name — HiFi 2.0.


Meizu have also introduced their newest iteration of the Flyme OS — Flyme5.

Meizu Pro 5 Pricing


Naturally, the Pro 5 being marketed as a more ‘premium’ device than other Meizus, isn’t your everyday budget phone. It is priced at 2799 Yuan (US$438) for the 3GB RAM/32GB ROM version and 3099 Yuan (US$485) for the higher-end 4GB RAM/64GB ROM variant.

The company’s also offering a couple other retail versions of the Pro 5, one with a Harman Kardon stereo kit and another with Soho II NC with active noise cancelation headset for 4098 Yuan (US$642) and 3698 Yuan (US$579) respectively.

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  • tiktaktik


    • Manu

      was thinking excactly the same xDDDDDD

    • HBK

      approx 440$ for 32gb 3gb ram version.
      approx. 490$ for 64gb 4gb ram version.

      I think This is awesome for the price. Hope it launches in my country for similar price.

    • Article was being developed, pricing is up now 🙂

    • I was waiting for that too.

    • bro-reac

      For these sweet prices I pray it beats Samy on their own turf.

  • simons700

    Dual sim?
    LTE 800?

    • dimi_kotz

      Yeah LTE bands for EU etc would be a great feature…
      Availability on gizchina shop ? 😉

      • Dual SIM yes, LTE bands 1/3/7 on the Chinese model (not sure if they will be different on international version), available on yes 😀

        • njren

          Meizu have never offered an international version with different bands. Different software, yes; different connectivity, no. Doubt they’ll start now. Up through the MX3, there was “don’t ask don’t tell” 3G connectivity for the USA, but that ended with the introduction of the MX4. FDD 1,3,7 is “good enough” for their official overseas markets, so that’s how it’s probably going to remain until they’re pushed by other manufacturers.

  • Niels

    Shut up… and take my money!!

    • Muhammad Yasir

      Fry !

  • Faux-News

    don’t expect 64gb version until end of year.

  • L64


    No thanks!

    • What kind of non-comment is that?

    • Airyl

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Dante

        I think its 100% legit

        I think…

    • Muhammad Yasir

      u look suspiciously chinese to me…

    • Gnarnia

      Welcome to Gizchina, as the name says, Giz-China, devices FROM CHINA! Now fuck off

      • L64

        Chinese? Yucckkk!

        • Lazar Prodanovic

          WTF everything is Chinese? From large portion of Samsung to bigger part of iPhone’s.

  • Filipp

    For 2999 we have… Mi note pro that has better display. No way, meizu. Only adequate pricing from you can beat Xiaomi.

    • Mo

      wouldnt say better, sure it is 2k but the pro 5 has the super amoled

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    Overall a very good offering and look forward to playing with a demo unit at the Meizu store down the street from me. The only disappointment is the f2.2 rear camera, really would’ve liked to have seen f1.9.

    The best part of all is they decided to not use that aweful new logo that our resident “marketing guy” (aka balcobomber) thought was “fresh” and “streamlined”. Don’t quit your day job! — oh wait, that IS his day job…

    • Dante

      James rolfe is dissapointed in you – also balco will find where you live and fk you up lol

      • Muhammad Yasir

        whos rolfe?

        • Dante

          Hes gonna take you back to the past – to play the $#itty games that suck ass …

          • Muhammad Yasir


            • AdM

              Deez nuts.

            • MaxPower

              for president

            • Muhammad Yasir

              i never got that meme … care to explain ?

            • AdM

              I think it’s self explanatory.

              “You: Something came in the mail today.
              Friend: What?
              You: Deez Nuts!^&*%^$#@%^$&% Ha GOTEEEEEEEEM”

  • Guaire

    Taller, wider and weighs more than MX5, so one would think it has a larger battery, but quite opposite.

    If they are intended to sell it in large volumes, price seems wrong.

    • MaxPower

      it might sell in China, but outside seems hard to me

  • Mo

    only sad thing is pricing isnt 2 bad its for those out side of china who will end up paying more then its actually worth.

  • xi7

    expensive, and still poor camera… better lost money with galaxy s6.

  • realjjj

    1080p AMOLED so faked pixels and you get the 720p experience on a big ass screen.
    Home button to make it bulky, useless and ugly.
    2799CNY as a randomly picked price.
    At least they have microSD, too bad the product makes no sense at all.
    Worst Meizu product in a long time.

    • Gnarnia

      Well, an Amoled display guarantees a much longer battery life, the new camera is an ass kicker, the CPU is top notch and don’t talk about the home button if you have never used a Meizu. Actually the Home Button is Finger Print scanner, back-button and you can even turn the display off with it, so please where is it useless?

      I think you are just complaining as a hobby…

  • MaxPower

    i don’t see this one selling outside China at all
    After reseller skimming the basic version is going to cost about 540$.

    Knowing how Meizu prices their phone internationally i’m expecting this one going way above 600$ from Meizumart.

    the Galaxy S6 now is down to 530$ while the S6 Edge is down to 600$.

    not to mention that soon over 30 devices will come out with a SD820 and I’m expecting them with a starting price of 2000CNY. that would mean Game Over.

    don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting device, it’s simply badly priced.

    • lolipop

      I totally agree, the pricing is just unbelievable… I would buy for 2000CNY-2300CNY for the 64gb version. Xiaomi Mi4c pricing is also a joke…

      • MaxPower

        how much would you pay for the MI4c?
        which phone in your opinion has a better value right now?

    • Lazar Prodanovic

      I don’t think we will have a S820 phones in a at least 4 months & you will wait even longer for any at mentioned price range. In the mean time this remains probably the best one all around market. Price is high right now but it will fall…

      • MaxPower

        the phone itself is good, I’m not judging the hardware, i was talking about the price:i simply don’t see this one selling outside China at all.

        Meizu international prices are simply ridiculous. I’ve seen overcharging more than 150$ in the past.

        if you buy from reseller then you probably have to pay about 550$, the same price of the Galaxy S6 which has true warranty, local support, no chinese rom…i mean, you have to be an hardcore fan like Balcobomber to go for this one 🙂

        by the time they drop the price the market will be flooded of new flagships.

        but i understand that Meizu sells mainly in China, and i have no doubt it will go pretty well, but outside china? it’s going to be hard, for the price.

        • Lazar Prodanovic

          Along side if we disregard current pricing this is probably best balanced – best performer all around phone in current flagship offering. Like Display resolution along with its Amoled, even it’s 5.7 they say it’s 1mm less wide than non Pro. The rare Sony’s cam is probably the best one currently present at market (camera apk is certainly worse than Samsungs one). Resellers are greedy basterd’s but they will drop prices when no one would buy. You are right for US pricing in EU price will look a little better as prices in EU are generally higher than in US & this time it will be around the same. It’s nice to know that Meizu is the first pure OEM that joined Linaro mobile group. Between this and let’s say HTC or Huawei I would with out much thinking go for Meizu. ?

  • Mo

    is this a super AMOLED screen or just AMOLED ?