Bluboo Xtouch drop tests show the power of triple screen protection

If you’re looking for a smartphone with some serious display protection, you may want to consider the Bluboo Xtouch. In the latest drop test video, the Xtouch fared well in each round of torture.

First, the Bluboo Xtouch was dropped vertically 1.2 meters on the bottom of the phone’s metal frame, and the impact only provide a few scruffs on the frame without impacting the rest of the device. The tester was still able to pick up the phone and swipe through the app drawer and screens without trouble. In the second drop test, the Xtouch was dropped at waist height, horizontally on the side of the metal frame. The third drop test was a vertical drop from 1.7 meters high, with the device having no additional scruffs on the frame other than what occurred in the first drop test.

The Bluboo Xtouch achieves this endurance by way of its three-pronged display protection. First, the Xtouch features a 5-inch, Full HD 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 display, which is relatively strong enough to provide protection for even 10-foot drops. In light of the capabilities of Gorilla Glass 3 (not the Gorilla Glass 4 of high-end flagships, mind you), it’s not surprising to see the Xtouch perform well. Next, there is the metal frame, constructed by way of the CNC cutting process that makes the frame “razor-sharp.” Lastly, the Bluboo Xtouch features a “U Type” suspended screen. Other drooling features of the device consist of a fingerprint scanner, Hi-Fi audio, 4GB of RAM (perhaps LPDDR3), Android Lollipop, and a 3,050mAh battery. For all of this tech goodness, Bluboo will sell the Xtouch for $179.99.

If there’s anything to take away from the Bluboo Xtouch drop test video, it’s that you can never have too much protection for your phone display. To learn more, watch the video above and hit up the source link below.

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