Xiaomi believed to be in the mood to switch to OLED displays for its phones

xiaomi mi4c review

Rumours about Apple shifting to OLED displays for the iPhone had been rife for a long while, but it seems the Apple of the East will beat the Apple of the West to it.

It is believed that Xiaomi is prepping OLED displays for its forthcoming phones. According to a few Korean outlets, Xiaomi will be offloading OLED display manufacture to LG Displays, which happens to be one of the biggest suppliers of displays to smartphone manufacturers.

The shift will take time, however. 2016 is when the shift to OLED Xiaomi phones is being expected to initiate… add 3-4 months to that and that’s when the first OLED Xiaomi phones will show up, if this bit of news has any truth to it. Word is that this wont be anytime before Q3 2016, so waiting for the OLED Xiaomi with bated breath might not be a great idea.

In related news, a Xiaomi conference has been scheduled for the 11th next month. Xiaomi have more than just the Mi 5 due (the Mi Pad 2 being a contender), so it’ll be interesting to see what eventually turns up that day.

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