Elephone tease hand held camera gyro

elephone hand held camera gyro

In recent days we have seen Elephone tease and release new products from an cigarette, to a 4K action camera, today we see a teaser for a hand-held gyro.

Elephone seem to be embracing emerging tech and see the action camera space as one of the markets that is going to expand in the coming months/years. Action camera’s have boomed in popularity and it’s no wonder too! They offer a robust camera in an easy to handle package, get great video, and prices are dropping by the day.

Gizchina News of the week

Elephone recently announced a 4K action camera with a similar GoPro inspired design named the Elephone Explorer, and today they have teased an accessory that would work well with it. A hand held camera gyro.

We have seen other manufacturers release camera gyros and we even reviewed one a couple of months back. What these pieces of kit do is to hold your camera (or phone) steady while you walk, run, jog and move around. Your movements are then stabilised and softened to give a steady high quality video.

Past hand-held gyros cost in excess of $200, but with Elephone now on the scene expect pricing to drop.

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    • E8hffff
      November 13, 2015

      It does. Maybe they are considering duping?

      These phone/sports-camera accessory devices need to come right down in price. $40-80 would be a sweet spot if they retain professional smoothness and strength for field use.

  1. E8hffff
    November 13, 2015

    If cheap they could get a lot of sales interest.

    • balcobomber25
      November 13, 2015

      There is an old saying: “if cheap then cheap”. In other words you usually get what you pay for. And knowing Elephone if it’s significantly cheaper than competing models, it’s of less quality. Sometimes it pays to spend more on a quality product.

  2. balcobomber25
    November 13, 2015

    The more I see of this company, the more I hate them. They apparently have endless resources for new products but refuse to take the necessary time to perfect the products they already have. If they spent half as much time focusing on their phones as they do all this other nonsense, they would have some of the best phones on the market. Sadly I see this everyday from a lot of Asian companies, they try to diversify their product line too much. They have the idea that by selling 100 units of 100 different products they will make more money, what they don’t realize is they only need one good product and it will make more money than 100 bad products.

    • Joel Adames
      November 13, 2015

      Elephone got BalcoBom angry… about time. the same for me. BUT YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGTH. most of this asian companies have a taste for Iphone desing and yet they don’t seem to remember the company they so much like to emulate SELLs BECAUSE they focus on one good product and then try to make it even better. the ones around here with less models count are usually better products and quality and such….. geezz why is it so difficult for them to get that. if you copy Apple copy the whole idea.

      • balcobomber25
        November 13, 2015

        The problem is most of them are trying to copy Apple and Xiaomi, two companies who make every tech product imaginable at this point. Those two companies can get away with it because they make very good products already.

        • Joel Adames
          November 13, 2015

          Yet again, they keep forgetting about customer experience. Maybe as they started when mostly (and to most) after-sale support was not a big deal they keep thinking is not important. What I don’t get is how come they don’t sit a the decision table and go for optimization as a way of benefiting customer experience and making sure I will want to buy their next year product. That’s more or less what Sony and Apple and Samsung and 1+ and vivo Do….

  3. Dante
    November 14, 2015

    Yea this one is pretty interseting but as i know elephone this will be just a chinese gyro rebrand

  4. Rezneck
    November 18, 2015

    After couple review about quality, this product could be a really cool alternative than all the super expensives ones !

  5. David Peterson
    November 19, 2015

    Hmmmmm……….. this looks IDENTICAL to my Lanparte gimbal!!! Guess they’re doing nothing at all, other than rebranding it as their own. Strange, this gimbal from Lanparte has been out for ages and ages.