Letv provide some interesting insight about who’s exactly using their phones

letv le max x900 review

Despite the fact that we have a tonne of new phone brands coming up every year, Letv is a relatively new one. While the company has been around for a long, long time, it’s phones only came into existence in the first half of 2015.

Now that the brand is already a very popular one (among the youth, you would assume), the company has released some interesting insight into the demographics of the user base.

Letv only offer their phones in China right now (although India is soon going to be added to that list), so naturally, the data applies only to the Chinese users of the company’s ‘Superphones’.

Demographics Insights

Letv claim that they sold a massive (massive for a company as new into phones as Letv) 1 million smartphones in November alone. This includes 780,000 Le 1s, which is the company’s newest phone.

What also helped the cause was the 11.11 Singles Day and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

Moving on, Letv smartphone users consume up to 1.2GB of data per month on average, while the industry average is under 800MB according to Letv.

Moving on to the demographics bit, the company says that 56.7% of their smartphone users are male; 41.27% were born in the 1980s while 36.14% were born in the 1990s.Quite clearly, Letv is a bit of a ‘youth’ brand!

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