Xiaomi Mi 5 to bring back good old NFC?

NFC may not have been the kind of success it was first envisioned to be, but the gradual popularity of NFC payments is making phone makers reconsider the ageing-yet-novel technology.

Xiaomi dropped the NFC feature with the Mi 4, but the next big thing from the Chinese company might mark the comeback of NFC on Xiaomi phones.

And yes, it most likely that this will be to enable NFC payments.

Xiaomi thrive on their on MIUI ecosystem, and a payment system is definitely something they could do with. Xiaomi have been known to call themselves a ‘software company’, and are also known to sell phones at near cost, only to be able to make money after the sales, via — you guessed it — the MIUI ecosystem.

If NFC payments do make a way into Xiaomi phones, it’ll mean that users will be able to make seamless transactions whenever and from wherever, without the point-of-sales having to upgrade, unlike Apple Pay.

All this makes a really strong case for the Mi 5 to have NFC.

Another possible case is where Xiaomi give NFC to the Chinese model, because the MIUI ecosystem isn’t as popular outside of China as it is inside the country. But then, a school of thought would suggest that it would actually be cheaper to make all phones with NFC than to produce them with separate specs.

Whatever it be, the Mi 5 is shaping up to be a device to look out for. As for NFC, we should know soon… especially towards the time when the TENAA leaks start appearing.

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NFC, yay or nay?

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