Is this 6GB RAM phone the Oppo Find 9?

Is this 6GB RAM phone the Oppo Find 9?

oppo find 9

It’s not only Xiaomi who are long overdue in the flaghship phone releases, Oppo and their Oppo Find 9 are also currently missing in action, but images on Weibo have recently shown up.

Oppo Find 9 specifications and renders

Oppo Find 9 news is few and far between, but what most reports agree on is that the phone will feature a Snapdragon 820 chipset (hence the much longer than expected wait). Today’s renders continue with the SD820 rumours, and also add a few more details including 6GB RAM, dual SIM, VOOC fast charging, USB Type C and colour options (Gold, obsidian, sapphire blue, emerald green, plus 5 others).

oppo find 9

The images themselves appear to be rough renders of a phone that looks not unlike the OnePlus 2 which was launched earlier this year with a Snapdragon 810 and up to 4GB RAM. This would hardly be much of a surprise to Oppo Find 7 owners as it too was used as the basis of the OnePlus One.

What we don’t see on the images is the location for the fingerprint scanner, which could mean the Find 9 will use an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner either embedded below the home button on the chin or behind the display.

What do you make of these images and details? Thanks to Samuel for the tip.

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  • realjjj

    sure thing , more obviously fake nonsense.

  • Aa

    I haven’t managed to occupy more than 600-700 MB of RAM since I am using smartphone for basic functions (calls, WhatsApp, Viber, e-mail, Tapatalk) and I always debloat and optimize OS, and even 2 GB is too much for me, and they are making 4 GB and 6 GB RAM phones. LOL 😀

    • Muhammad Yasir

      its all about gaming and multi-tasking…
      if you don’t do either , you’re better off with a 1 Gb phone for value.

      • Aa

        Yes, 1 GB is more than enough for me. I ordered Gionee S5.5 for $97 (it is on the way) which has 2 GB, but not because of that, it is because of high quality build, good display and solid camera.

        • Snelleboi

          Hi, where did u order it from for that price ? Tnx,best regards kevin

          • Aa

   and I used coupon for -$3 (but I can’t find that coupon now, google it out).

  • Bility

    Are those notification lights?

    • Alexis T

      Yup, it looks like the blue notification light on F7, only this time they made it with some kind of rastafari color theme.

      • Bility

        If it is then Oppo has done it again because in my opinion there has never being sexier notifications lights either before or after the skyline notification light on the Find 7. But it looks like there are two notification lights one at the top and one at the bottom.

        • Alexis T

          True, this Michael Knight feeling is great, can’t live without it.
          I didn’t see the notification light on top, thanks mate.

  • Nick

    I really hope the Find 9 start showing some life again. I’ve been waiting for this phone. I have to say the images don’t look half bad. Not sure if they are real but I’ll take anything right now. This phone is well overdue.

  • Ed

    One thing that makes me doubt the images is I don’t see a fingerprint scanner.

    • Alexis T

      One thing makes me doubt you read the article through the end : your comment 😀

      • Ed

        No I read the article that’s exactly why I made my comment. With it not mentioned in the original article about the phone I have doubts that there is one. So youcan keep your so called smart comment.

        • Alexis T

          Awww c’mon…don’t be such a pussy. You can’t stand ppl making fun of your comment ? Fine. Stop posting, then. If i hurt your feelings : i’m sorry and won’t do it again.

          Back to subject : what original article ? from who, where ? nobody knows crap about this phone, it’s obvious. Oppo didn’t release any official comment or spec sheet so we’re talking about speculation and fantasy here.

          Oppo didn’t launch F9 in 2015 because they were waiting for SD820, so it would be logical for them to take time to integrate the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from QC. If this scanner is ultrasonic it may be concealed behind the glass.

          So i don’t get why not seeing a scanner on this render makes it false.

          Have fun

          • Ed

            I made my comment and sticking to it. It is more then likely fake. Now what??

            • Alexis T

              *Borat’s accent* i like a you, i like a very much !

  • Joppedoll

    The fingerprint sensor is on the side as on the Sony Z5

  • Bility

    If this turns out to be fake, I will be shocked because this design has Oppo written all over it.

  • DaMan

    If the real thing looks anything like this I want one.

  • MegaTron

    I maybe the only one but I would like it to be waterproof. I have used the xperia Z2, z3, z4 and now the z5 so I use I’m just use to it. It would be an added feature I would love. But either way the images look great and if it turns out to be the Find 9 goodbye Sony.

  • Nishikanta

    i don’t think its6gb ram . It will be dual sim , usb c and fast charging with QHD and may be an upgraded Color OS. Last updated 6GB news was symentium . The other phones are only rumors . See list here

  • Joel Adames

    Obvious fingerprint reader in 2nd picture can be seen inthe white phone under sim tray… geez, even andi missed it. clearly too big for a on/off button too short for a volume rocker and wide enough for a fingerprint reader.

  • Max

    The bezels on that thing. Fuck.

  • Andrew White

    6GB of DDR4 ram would be very impressive, instead of the older DDR3.
    Samsung, LG and others employing 4GB of DDR4 would be more capable (faster).