Oh dear, Lenovo’s new ‘K5 Note’ is a Redmi note 3/Meizu look-a-like

Oh dear, Lenovo’s new ‘K5 Note’ is a Redmi note 3/Meizu look-a-like

lenovo k5 note

After getting excited about the Lenovo Lemon 3 and how it might hint at what a Lenovo K3 Note successor would look like, TENAA goes and spoils the party by showing us these images.

The phone in these photos is believed to be the successor to the Lenovo K3 Note. In the official TENAA documents the phone is called the ‘Lenovo K52t38’ so the ‘Lenovo K5 Note’ sounds like a likely official name once it launches.

First and foremost just look at the design of this phone! After seeing the rather good looking all metal Lemon 3, the Lenovo K5 looks like it was rushed to the drawing board. Oh. and it is quite obviously based on the design of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Meizu’s metal phones too!

lenovo k5 note

The similarities between the Lenovo and K5 Note are striking with near identical curved metal body, and the same camera, fingerprint scanner and speaker locations.

For Lenovo to make a look-a-like is very disappointing, especially as the brand aims to build its reputation and brand image.

TENAA also reveal that the specifications for the K5 are similar to the Redmi Note 3 with a 1.8Ghz octacore processor and 2GB RAM running Android on a 5.5-inch FHD display. Internal storage is 16GB but will be expandable (we’re also unsure if a 3GB RAM 32GB memory model will be available or not).

The last details revealed so far are the 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 8 mega-pixel front, LTE and a 3500mAh battery.

With TENAA already showing the phone and the Chinese New Year coming next month expect Lenovo to officially launch this phone in the coming weeks.

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  • Rob

    Seems like this one will be running the SD615/616 cpu, even though it looks like a copy of the xiaomi/Meizu it still didn’t look quite as good and I would rather the x10 over the snapdragon any day.

    • realjjj


      • k a b

        Snapdragon 650? It also runs @ 1.8

      • King

        650 or 652 would put it in direct competition with Redmi note 3 pro is the later isn’t using an interpolated 16mp camera. For that matter imx214 unit is still good with great software. What do u think?

  • sai bhagavan

    Well no offence but the mobile market got saturated…we should not blame the design of any phone as we can get a look alike for every design coz of number of brands…

  • Muhammad Yasir

    oh dear , indeed !


    But the k5 came in India was different, and a cheaper one without the fingerprint sensor

    • Hakim Farouk

      Ah. this comment to make your account seem real huh elephone. haha