Zeblaze Cosmo from only $49.99 in special sale

Zeblaze Cosmo from only $49.99 in special sale

Zeblaze Cosmo

While checking out the latest Cubot offers for this week, we also stumbled across a similar flash sale for the Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch.

The Zeblaze Cosmo normally retails at $69.99, and being the 3rd wearable from the manufacturer it features all the refinements and upgrades earlier wearables were crying out for.

A metal chassis, curved glass touch screen, leather strap and a function dial are just some of the features this wearable offers. Other features include notification alerts, health monitoring and remote control of certain phone features.

During this week the Zeblaze Cosmo can be bought from as little as $49.99 (limited to 10 pcs a day), $59.99 (for the following 20pc) or the full price of $69.99. The event kicks off tomorrow 2nd March and ends on the 8th, more details here.

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  • Nilzie

    all mediatek smartwatches suck. the os they use is garbage. I mean you have to start and and stop the pedometer, the sleep meter etc manually. the anti lost phone feature is a joke too. STAY AWAY.

    • Adam Irvine

      Though I don’t have any direct experience, I can imagine what you’re saying is correct…

      I’m patiently waiting for the chinese manufacturers to pull their fingers out and get Android Wear on the go for cheaper than Huawei’s W1…

      • Nilzie

        This comes from real world experience. Maybe those china watches running actual android are good. they are mtk devices. but expensive. But 99.9 percent run that crap nuclear os or whatever its called.

        • Akimitsui

          Just wait until they start cramming windows 10 on these things…

      • Mesterio

        Hear hear!