Meizu Pro 6 renders look like a Galaxy S7 but with more...

Meizu Pro 6 renders look like a Galaxy S7 but with more curve

meizu pro 6 render

These Meizu Pro 6 renders are obviously fan made, but they are gorgous and to make the article worth reading there is a processor rumour in here to boot.

So with the Vivo Xplay5 launchd with a curved display, and rumours that Xiaomi and Huawei will follow suit, what can Meizu do to keep up.

Well fans hope that the next Meizu flagship (in this case the Pro 6 not the MX6) will get a curved display of its own, but with even more curves!

meizu pro 6 render

This render shows a Meizu M6 Pro design that features a screen that curves on either side and top to bottom, cleverly leaving those venerable corners alloy to take the brunt of impact.

The design shows that the bottom edge of the phone has a USB Type C on the crease of the metal and glass curve and speakers on either side follow the profie of the glass.

meizu pro 6 rendermeizu pro 6 render

The front of the phone looks more Samsung than anything else with a oval physical home button.

meizu pro 6 render

While the renders aren’t real, there are some rumours at what the Meizu M6 Pro might be packing in terms of hardware. A leak earlier today showed a force touch display, and Antutu in China are claiming the M6 Pro will pack a Samsung Exynos 8890 chipset.

Meizu haven’t made any official word about the new phone other than it will come, but when we are not sure.

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  • George Frintu

    Wow i like the looks of it.

  • Simon

    So the Pro line & MX line are 2 different segments within the Meizu brand ?

    • balcobomber25

      Yes the MX is a lower flagship which will have the latest Mediatek SoC (X20), the Pro is a premium flagship with a Exynos.

      • Simon

        Oh right, never knew that, only heard of the MX line. You will be considering the MX 6 for your next phone then ?

        • balcobomber25

          I am currently considering the following phones next:

          Gionee S8 (top choice)
          Xiaomi Mi5
          Meizu MX6
          OnePlus 3
          Nubia Z11 (or whatever it will be called this year)
          Huawei P9

          For the first time in a long time I am open to just about any of the flagships. I was hoping to be blown away by the Mi5 given how much I love Xiaomi, but I am no in love with it. It will be a great phone for anyone who gets it but I really want something bigger.

          • Simon

            What about Mi Note Pro 2 or whatever it will be called ?

            Do you think MIUI on the Xiaomi Mi5 will keep having updates well into 2018 (and indeed how likely are they to “keep up” with future Android OS ie Android N, O…

            Only asking as strongly considering the Mi 5 🙂

            • balcobomber25

              The Mi Note 2 I will wait to see what it offers, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one so they will have to really impress me. Xiaomi continues to support the Mi3 which came out in 2013 so I have no doubt the Mi5 will be supported in 2018.

            • Simon

              Good to know because I want to keep the phone well into 2018 and then see whats cooking 🙂

            • balcobomber25

              Xiaomi has excellent support for older models.

            • Simon

              Thats great. Thanks for informing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

          • Gionee S8:
            -black edges around screen
            -not so pretty

            • balcobomber25

              – The black edges are much smaller than most phones.
              – P10 is more than powerful enough for what I need a phone for.
              – I love the design
              – It feels incredibly well built
              – Camera was excellent from my limited time with it

  • Joel Adames

    Looks good somehow but the practicality of it surpasses my understanding as the lower and upper bezels won’t receive any real screen space at all…. So I see no point for it

  • Assefa Hanson

    What a sweet concept would be nice if those renders were real

  • Xalis

    I can’t wait to see this stupid gimmick (curved displays) to die out.

  • quodvadis

    Drop this once and you’ll wish the design wasn’t like this lol.

  • realjjj
  • Tajwar

    If it’s a 5.5-inch or higher here take my money.

  • Wolvie

    Very worried about the durability seeing those smartphones with almost no bezel and curved glass display.

    Looks like you just need 1 drop to the floor then you can say sayonara to your premium expensive phone.

    Pretty is cool but in real life even some paranoid users using heavy duty leather case, extra tempered glass screen protector, etc. So wasted on those beautiful design. My 2 cents only.

    • Young

      You’re right.

  • I love the design really.

  • kashan

    Vkworld T1 Plus Kratos has got such a cool design and have good processor in it with 2 GB RAM and internal 16 gb ROM also it comes with 6 inches extra large 2.5D Display.For more details about the display of T1 They have an interesting video to drop it into the mud and clean it in the water