UMI is allegedly already working on UMI Touch 2 (Helio X25)

After the initial success with UMI Touch sales many people were expecting an announcement of some upgraded Pro version. Instead we got watered down UMI Touch X model with the lower price price tag.

UMi Touch 2


But even that lower version is pretty good all things considered, because UMI has kept more or less the same design with full metal body made of aluminum alloy. Also the body being only 8.5mm thick is very reasonable while using hefty 4000 mAh battery capacity. UMI Touch X in available in presale offers for 119.99$.

So what’s coming next from UMI? Are we going to get some higher version of the Touch model? According to the latest information is UMI already working on a successor in form of UMI Touch 2 and the phone should be packing the powerful Helio X25, while keeping the affordable 179.99$ price tag. It’s not official info yet though so we have to wait for confirmation from the official sources.

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