UMI Touch tastes coffee and goes for a swim

Chinese phone makers are probably having a secret competition in number of their phone stress tests and demolition videos released. Especially UMI are pretty much big fans of such videos and today we have another one for you starring the usual suspect UMI Touch and today’s torture instrument are various fluid. Has he not suffered enough already ?

Accidentally spilled drink on the phone is something which surely happened to every one of us at least once. And in the video we can see the UMI Touch getting a taste of some Starbucks coffee, but nothing a paper towel can’t fix and of course it works just perfectly without a hiccup.

And after the coffee it’s a perfect time for a swim so UMI Touch visits a nearby fountain and personally i think it’s a shame the video doesn’t show the lady fishing it out, because that could be maybe even more interesting. But we have to settle just for some more paper towel action and the phone is as good as new.

Check out for yourselves and enjoy, our Gizchina film critic is giving this blockbuster movie four out of five stars.

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