Xiaomi now makes a temperature and humidity sensor

Xiaomi is popularly known as one among the top phone makers globally. What GizChina readers know more than others though, is that the Chinese brand is more than just a phone maker.

From drones to scooters, rice cookers to WiFi routers, action cameras to luggage, this young company has done it all. The newest gadget from the Beijing-based company happens to be a smart home product that is a temperature and humidity sensor.


It doesn’t do much — it records the temperature and the humidity, if you didn’t guess yet. The data is then passed on to your phone, providing a much more visual experience. Like other Xiaomi gadgets, this one’s fairly cheap as well; and like other Xiaomi gadgets, this makes use of the fact that each one of us have a smartphone waiting to be made use of.

I probably wont install one inside my house, but if you’re one of those guys that like to stay up to speed with the numbers, you could probably try to get hold of one. Good thing is they’re cheap!

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