Bluboo Maya brave enough to compare displays with iPhone 6s

Presales of the new Bluboo Maya model are starting already soon on June 18th so the company is trying their best to drum up some attention for it. First try with the price worked, because the $69.99 presale one is not bad and the crazy $9.99 in the “snap up” events is even better.


But of course they are not done and as a part of another campaign we are being presented with a video boldly comparing the Maya display to the iPhone 6s one. Granted Maya has 5,5-inch JDI display with HD resolution and 3rd gen Gorilla Glass, but is it enough ?

Bluboo claim that their display should have almost full color saturation (exactly 94 %) and high contrast. Also the surface of the display should have some technology against smudges so most probably some sort of an oleophobic coating.

Based on the video comparison they are positive the test went fairly well and that the iPhone has even the “colder” color feel. But both of the phones did well so check out the video and see for yourselves.

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