Yepo 737S is a MacBook-style 128GB netbook for $200!

The Chinese notebook market seems to be hotting up as more and more tablet makers turn to making laptops. While most of them don’t have much to differentiate between themselves, there does come a unicorn on the way every now and then!

While I wouldn’t call it a unicorn, the Yepo 737S is indeed something worth giving 2 minutes of your time to. It’s a 13.3″ notebook designed to look like Apple’s MacBook, and is powered by… guess what, the Z8300.

Besides that, the Yepo 737S has 4GB of RAM and an impressive 128GB of storage. While that is indeed impressive, the makers have cut corners elsewhere — one example is the battery, which is only 8000mAh. Nonetheless, the factory claims an 8 hour battery life anyway.


Despite that, the asking price of $209 with global shipping included does look like something not too bad. In related news, we posted the Jumper EZBook Air review recently, which you should definitely check out.

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