See: Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Camera Samples

While the Xiaomi Mi Mix definitely stole the show, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 boasts some impressive specs, on par with the now defunct Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Xiaomi is definitely turning up the heat on Samsung. Some might say that’s unneeded as they are already smoking, but I’ll leave that up to your interpretation.

The camera is a 22.6MP camera with a maximum photo resolution of 5488×4112 and 4x optical zoom. It will also be capable of 4K video recording at 30fps, however it will not feature OIS (Optical image stabilization) but use EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization).

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Camera Samples


We here at GizChina came across a few very impressive camera samples over on MyDrivers showing off what the IMX318 sensor and f/2.0 wide angle lens are capable of. Of course, these are promotional pictures and will most definitely have been taken using a professional photographer, set up perfectly, and touched up to no tomorrow, but nevertheless, it does look impressive.

Check out the camera samples down below as well as the settings used in each shot. This also tells us that the Mi Note 2 will most likely have a manual shooting mode coming right out of the box. Let us know what you think; if you missed the launch, you can find the full Xiaomi Mi Note 2 specifications here.

mi-note-2-1 mi-note-2-2 mi-note-2-3

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