Elephone S8 will have Helio X27, but when will it launch?

elephone s8

Elephone is once again promising the world with it’s latest phone and trying to drum excitement by revealing very little.

Elephone’s Marketing department are a one trick phone. Each and every year they ‘announce’ a new cutting edge phone with killer hardware and pricing and saturate the web with ‘news’ of their phone.

You don’t need to cast your mind back too far to remember the Elephone Vowney, a phone that took over 12 months to hit the market, or even the Elephone P9000, and more recently the S7. Sure the S7, and P9000 didn’t take 12 months to arrive, but they sure did take their sweet time!

So are Elephone set to repeat history again with the Elephone S8?

The phone maker has already revealed a render of the phone (that looks suspiciously like a Huawei with Elephone branding) and promised a phone with unique rear camera design, and today they’ve drip fed us a few more details.

According to the latest Elephone press release, the Elephone S8 will feature a triple bezel-less design, in fact they believe that they will be the 3rd manufacturer to launch a phone with this design behind Sharp and Xiaomi. Another interesting detail is a triple curved panel, something that we’ve not seen on a phone so far!

Another point they make is the phone’s processor, a Helio X27 decacore chipset running at 2.6ghz which apparently offer 20% better performance than the current Helio X25 chipset.

Along with that processor, Elephone is promising a storage capacity of 128GB and an innovative fingerprint and rear camera design.

The main question though is how long can we expect to wait before the Elephone S8 will go on sale?

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