Andy Rubin’s Essential hopes to join the Android market soon

Andy Rubin is a name most older Android enthusiasts and users will be familiar with. For those who aren’t however, Andy Rubin is the father of Android who sold the OS to Google back in 2005. He’s been mostly doing stuff in the Android development section, but now it seems he’s got bigger plans.

After leaving Google, he’s now planning to start his own firm, Essential Inc. There, he’ll take on a completely different role in being the Chief Operating Officer of the company. He’s even managed to nab some 40+ people away from Apple and Google, which is impressive. Essential’s goal however is pretty similar to Rubin’s earlier goals with Android.

The company hopes to out a brand new device that features top of the line specs and AI backing it. On top of that, the new device will supposedly be bezelless and comes with a screen larger than the iPhone 7+ but with a smaller footprint. This could mean Essential is working towards something like the Mi Mix, especially with rumors of metal and ceramic designs.

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Essential will be going up against Google’s own Pixel pretty soon.

Aside from that, the device will also apparently feature a proprietary port to charge the device. On top of that, the port will also be magnetic and can be connect with various modules. This is similar to the Moto Z, which features magnetic contacts on its rear for its modular rears. It’ll be an interesting approach, though we’re not sure of it’d be the most practical.

Further reports claim that the device will come with a $649 price tag, which is pretty high. The device will pop up sometime in the middle of the year, and Rubin’s already in talks with multiple carriers for the device. Whatever the device turns out to be, it’ll definitely be something fairly interesting to watch. We look forward to what Andy Rubin and Essential put out, even if we’d like it to be cheaper.

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