Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Company is Shutting Down

Essential Phone

Back in 2017, Andy Rubin’s start-up company called Essential launched its first-ever smartphone dubbed Essential PH-1. The device brought the world the notch trend and was quite famous for its snap-on accessories. Well, even though Andy Rubin tried offering something different, the device was sold poorly. Furthermore, it received mixed reviews from both consumers as well as critics. Just when everyone was expecting the next smartphone, Essential announced that it is shutting down.

Essential Has No Clear Patch to Deliver its Products to Consumers

Essential Phone

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In October last year, Andy Rubin teased his next creation with color-shifting back and unique form factor. The device was going by the codename ‘Project Gem’. As per the new announcement, the company has no clear path to deliver the new device to its consumers. In fact, it is shutting down. Apart from the next device, Essential was also supposed to be working on its smart home assistant along with a new operating system.

At first, the second device drew hype and investment but later on everything went downhill. Furthermore, the company will no longer issue any software updates to its only smartphone. For those who’re unaware, Essential was one of the few brands that managed to issue software updates regularly and timely to its consumers. It is worth mentioning that the Essential PH-1 has already received the latest February security update. Unfortunately, it is going to be the last one.

For all the developers out there, the company will host ta prebuilt vendor image of the device on GitHub. This means that the we might see some custom software development or updates in the future.

Newton Mail Shuts Down As Well

With that said, Essential is also shutting down its Newton Mail service which the company acquired back in 2018. The current Newton Mail subscribers will be able to access the service till April 30, 2020. With that said, the new development will have no impact on Playground Global that shares the same office space.

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  1. Benny William
    February 16, 2020

    This is so sad , I love my phone and to know there will be no more support from the manufacturer it really devastates me

  2. Chad LeHew
    February 16, 2020

    Best phone I’ve ever owned. Still using it to this day. Will use it till she can go no longer.

  3. Chuck Smith
    February 16, 2020

    I think the phone is awesome… I’ll use it till it till it dies.. thought for sure Andy would push out a new phone… good bye Essential

  4. Ph Sto
    February 17, 2020

    I just bought this phone second hand. Got the camera too 360degree camera. Now I need the earphone jack attachment. I’ll be keeping up with this one and work with it.

  5. stacypcfl03
    February 17, 2020

    I think the Essential PH1 is awesome and we own and still use 3 of the phones in our family. I am so devastated as well for 2 reasons, no more updates on existing phones (which Essential was King on getting updates out – has been so impressive, beat Google on their own phones sometimes lol), and devastated we are not going to get a 2nd Essential phone. I do not understand the people that went against Andy Rubin for personal reasons!, and it seemed we heard more of that crap after “GEM” was leaked, compared to when PH1 was leaked for some reason. It’s just bullshit. PH1 was ahead of it’s time, and GEM was probably going to be as well. Andy Rubin and team are genuis. We need more USA genuis in smartphone tech. development and no carriers would give ESSENTIAL, ANDY RUBIN & TEAM, “GEM” A CHANCE. DAMN SHAME… I’M SO BUMMED ESSENTIAL IS FORCED TO SHUTDOWN. STILL A TRUE FAN 🥰♥️. SO SORRY TO SEE YOU GO 😢💔.