Mysterious Xiaomi smartphone leaks, could it be Xiaomi Mi6?

Things are getting really hot out there – as far as flagship phone leaks are concerned of course. Just a couple of hours ago a Weibo user posted the following images of an unknown Xiaomi smartphone on Weibo and things – well, got really interesting.

xiaomi smartphone

The reason is that the leaked smartphone doesn’t quite look like anything else we’ve seen during the past few weeks. It has a quite high screen/ody ratio, high resolution (Full HD) and surely packs a 5 (or 5.2) inch display. In case you don’t remember all of the aforementioned specifications match the ones of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 flagship model, so it would be logical to say that it could be the one.

Obviously we have no confirmation on this – after all it could be fake- but in any case we passed the news on to you out there for your… eyes only. We will know more about the upcoming Xiaomi flagship in the coming weeks and hopefully we will be able to shine some light to this mystery.

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